Friday, November 15, 2013


It's now been 2 weeks since the Pinhoti 100.  I feel like I'm not as recovered as I want to/should be.  My muscles have felt fine for some time, but my left knee starts hurting after a few miles of running. I know it's not my I.T. band, but I'm not sure what the issue is.  I'm going to the Ledesma injury clinic tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get some answers and heal up soon!  The other odd thing is my metabolism.  I'm down about 2 pounds from where I was before Pinhoti, but I feel like I'm always hungry and always eating.  I guess my body just needs it for muscle repair.

I hate recovery time.  It's no secret I lack patience, and it feels like forever when I can't run.  I have another race in 3 weeks, One Epic Run 24 Hour, and I wish I was training harder for it.  I see other people ramping up mileage and here I am barely able to run.  I know if my knee is in pain I shouldn't run, but I hope that issue resolves soon!  If I have to lay off running for now I can cope, but I'd like to get 75-100 miles at Epic.  Guess it's just wait and see!

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