Saturday, November 16, 2013

Injury Update- Good News

Good news!  Saw Ernie Ledesma (who is super nice and awesome, especially to the running community!), and he confirmed my right knee just has a little I.T. band flare-up.  The left knee is something called plica irritation.  Basically, it's a bit of inflamed/irritated tissue near my knee cap.  The solution for both issues is just rest, ice, and ibuprofen- haha, guess which of the 3 I have the most difficulty with!  But I told Ernie I have a race in 3 weeks and he said I should be fine, and if I want I can call him to come in and get some taping instructions.

I had been hoping to get in a 12-mile group run in tomorrow morning, but given the "rest" recommendation I don't think that's a good idea.  I think I'll still join the group, but stick mainly to walking with some light running mixed in.  At least that way I'll get some time on my feet, and some time in good company!

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