Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Training

Just a little update on my training over the last month or so...I haven't raced since my February 8 50K, but I've been running more training miles than ever. In this training cycle I set a new weekly record, 83 miles, only to break it with a 90 mile week a few weeks later. I've gotten back into doing hill work, speed work, and two-a-day runs, and I've done a 50K training run and multiple back-to-back 20 milers. Most of my long runs have been with my friend Stephanie on the Mount Vernon Trail, although in bad weather I've done up to 24 miles on the treadmill. Thank goodness for books on tape- I'm halfway through book 2 of "A Song of Ice and Fire"! With all these higher mileage weeks I set a new monthly record of 310 miles in March :)

I'm now officially registered for Spartathlon in September (even bought my plane tickets!), so that's my long-term focus for 2015. I want to do well in my upcoming marathon and 100 milers, but I'm also trying to build up my mileage base so I can top out at 100+ mile weeks this summer. At the moment I'm tapering for the Boston Marathon on April 20 and C&O Canal 100 on April 25, so that's on hold for now, but May should be another high-mileage training month! After that it's Old Dominion 100 in June, then exclusively Spartathlon training all summer. A month after that I'll be running the Marine Corps Marathon for TeamRWB- that one's mainly just to do a fun race for a good cause. I don't anticipate a PR, but then again, you never know. (If you want to donate, the link is

That's about it for now...but I'll have not one, but two, race reports to write in just a few weeks :)

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