Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sickness and Taper

The past few weeks have been crazy.  I started a new semester of school which really kept me busy, and although I got a few good night runs and speedwork in, I had to scale back my training a bit.  Hopefully as I adjust to my new classes and schedule I can commit more time to training.  On the plus side, I've started going to Bikram yoga regularly, and I'm really enjoying it.  It's got to be good conditioning for hot-weather running, and I think it's helping my strength and recovery as well.  I'm not sure if I can afford it once my intro rates expire, but perhaps I can swing it as a once-a-week type thing!

Then about a week ago I got sick.  Nothing super serious, and at least it coincided with my taper for Delirium- but with only 6 days pre-race I'm worried I won't be recovered enough to run my best at Delirium.  It started with a sore throat, then progressed to chest congestion, and now chest congestion and a cough.  I'm hoping this virus is on its way out, since when I get sick a cough is often the final symptom before I recover.  In any case I've been drinking a lot of tea and generally being lazy, which makes me feel bad about my training but is probably for the best.  I've mainly just been walking, doing core work, and an occasional Bikram class.  I think I'm taking all the right steps to recover, so it's really out of my hands.  I'll just hope for the best, and do what I can at Delirium.  After all, it's only February, and I've got plenty of races coming up this year where I can really bring my A-game!

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